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VS (30) Based Local Soil Conditions a n d Earthquake Damage Relationship Van-Abdurrahmangazi Example

ABSTRACT:In order to minimize the disaster risk caused by earthquakes, not only province a n d district-based studies, but also studies covering small areas such as neighborhoods a n d villages should be carried out. In this study, Abdurrahmangazi Neighborhood, one of the districts that was severely damaged by two earthquakes that took place on 23 October a n d 09 November 2011 in the province of Van, was examined. The building conditions a n d the ground conditions in the study area where the quarter is located have been considered together. Shear wave velocity (Vs) was used to determine the dynamic behavior of soils. The borehole data obtained in the study area were evaluated a n d the shear wave velocities were determined by using 5 different empirical relations developed by some researchers for the relationship between SPT-N a n d Vs. Using these, VS(30) values were determined a n d ground classifications were made according to the National Earthquake Hazard Reduction Program (NEHRP-2000), EUROCODE-8, the Regulation on Buildings to be Built in Earthquake Zones (DBYBHY-2007). In addition, the new earthquake regulations is Turkey Earthquake Building Regulations (TBDY-2018) were also considered. The building damage conditions a n d the ground conditions in the area where the quarter is located were evaluated together. It was determined that the building damages after earthquakes were caused by structural deficiencies a n d building quality for this neighborhood, regardless of the ground conditions, a n d damage distributions were interpreted accordingly.