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Investigation of Lineaments in the Mid-Black Arc Region Using Bouguer Gravity Data

ABSTRACT:The gravity data used in this study were taken from the Earth Gravity Model (EGM08) to investigate the crustal structure in the mid-Black arc region. In this study, geological structure boundaries that offer differences in density were tried to determine in the mid-Black arc region. For this purpose, the possible geological structure limits at the basement levels were especially focused on. For this reason, horizontal gradient a n d tilt angle techniques were practiced to find possible geological structure limits using first vertical derivative data of the regional gravity data of the region. The soft-hard sediment, basement, Conrad a n d Moho interfaces have been determined using the radial mean amplitude spectrum of Bouguer data of study region. The topographies of these interfaces were also presented utilizing the Parker-Oldenburg algorithm. Depth values found by inversion calculations for soft-hard sediment, basement, Conrad a n d Moho interface topographies are changed as 0.7-3.5, 2.1-7.4, 9.1-14.2, a n d 35.1- 42.5 km, respectively. The linearities determined in the study were matched against to substantial faults of region. It has been observed that there is a qualitative relationship between the faults, ore deposit a n d earthquake epicenters in the region. The results of this practice were based on studies such as exploring the ore deposits a n d investigating the risks of earthquakes in the future.