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Inorganic Quality Study of Groundwater a n d Agricultural Soils on Nalbantlar Plain (Söke, Aydın): Arsenic a n d Uranium Hazard

ABSTRACT: This study includes the investigation of the quality of agricultural soils a n d groundwater in the plains located in the east of Söke Plain in Aydın province in Western Anatolia a n d the detection of its effect on human health. The rocks belonging to the Menderes Massif form the basis of the geological structure in the study area a n d surrounding.Metamorphic rocks composed of gneiss, granitoid a n d rocks outcropping in the region are essential parameters determining the water a n d soils’ chemistry. The total carcinogenic a n d non-carcinogenic health risk values of waters were calculated for dissolved As, B, Ba, Cd, Cr, Cu, Ni, Pb, U a n d Zn. Anthropogenic a n d geogenic inputs that cause groundwater contamination were distinguished. Also, major ions (Ca, Mg, K, Na, Cl, SO4, HCO3) a n d many trace elements (Ag, Al, Co, Fe, Ge, Mn, Pd, Rb, Se, Si, Sr, Ta, Tl a n d V) were analyzed. Collected soil samples were analyzed for As, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Hg, Ni, Pb, Sb, U a n d Zn. The elemental enrichment factors of Söke Plain soils were calculated a n d compared with the background values. Carcinogenic a n d non-carcinogenic total health risks, which is occurred by inhalation, ingestion a n d dermal contact of soil, were calculated. Some groundwater contains above-average dissolved uranium a n d arsenic, which are determined to originate from the gneiss unit.In the plain, the abundance of dissolved uranium increases as the depth of groundwater wells rises. Groundwater containing uranium 3 times the limit value (30 µg/L) is consumed for drinking purposes in the Karacahayıt region.Groundwater containing arsenic above the allowed limit in Yeşilköy, Karacahayıt a n d Kisir regions (23.1, 24.1 a n d 61.1 µg/L, respectively) is consumed for drinking purposes. The highest cancer risk for As in groundwater consumed for drinking was found to be 2.07E-03 in Kisir. The highest cancer risk for As in agricultural soil was found to be 2.38E-04 in Sayrakçı. The local people health status who work on soil with health risks a n d consume carcinogenic waters should be investigated, a n d suggestions for the solution should be implemented.