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Investigation of Çevreli Village (Mersin) Landslide Affecting the Energy Transmission Line and Evaluation of Stabilization Methods

Abstract: The aim of the study is to examine the landslide affecting the electricity pole of Kadıncık II HEPP located inÇevreli Village of Tarsus District of Mersin Province ,and to perform a comparative analysis of different stabilizationmethods. While the Güvenç formation with claystone, claystone-siltstone ,and marl intercalations is observed in thestudy area, mudstone-claystone intercalated conglomerate, pebbly sandstone ,and coarse-grained sandstone levelsare observed in the Kuzgun formation at the upper elevations. The instability problem in the mentioned location hasthe potential to expand in a large landslide that encompasses the energy transmission line over time. Within thescope of this study, the existing landslide was examined, ,and its failure mechanism was revealed, ,and alternativestabilization methods were developed to prevent possible instabilities that would affect the electricity pole. In thiscontext, drilling studies for engineering geology were carried out in the vicinity of the electricity pole in the studyarea ,and disturbed ,and undisturbed samples were taken for laboratory analysis. On the other hand, shear strengthparameters of the failed material were determined by means of back-analyses. Thus, the current situation ,and the  performance of the stabilization suggestions under saturated ,and/ dynamic conditions were evaluated. In order toprevent possible failures, alternatives of backfill ,and bored pile application were investigated by limit equilibriumanalysis. As a result of the analyses, it has been revealed that the stabilization methods evaluated can providestability in different conditions ,and that the high-cost electricity pole # 2 will not be at risk.